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At the very roots of FireLight Pro’s conception was the interest and involvement with local bands and artists.  FLP continues to lend services to musicians—from maintaining artists’ web sites and associated internet advertising to creating music videos and documentaries.  Check out our artist spotlight for new and rising talent.

Artist Spotlight: Quantum Placet

Qp: abbr. Latin - quantum placet
(as much as you please)
Quantum Placet is a four man, eight hand Indy Rock group consisting of a combination of a hard hitting drummer named Chris, whose influences include but are not limited to Soundgarden and Tool, and the rhythm and vocals from an acoustic/electric dual personality called Erik. Accompanying them are the heavy but smooth chops from Mike a.k.a. Lucky the bassist, and the melting of screaming metal and dampening, driving blues in a lead guitar personality known as Scott.
visit: www.quantumplacet.com / www.myspace.com/quantumplacet
buy: mail order / itunes / napster